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About our Club

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Who we are

Our members enjoy riding a push bike, having a coffee, and are interested in recycling bikes so that others may do the same. We are situated in Fairfield, in western Sydney, and ride the local bike paths.

WSCN is a non-profit community based cycling group, affiliated with both Cycling NSW and also Bicycle NSW, with whom we have a close association. We invite you to join us! 

What we aim to achieve
- To promote cycling
- To provide a bicycle recycling service to the community 
- To provide education and a program of rides
- To encourage a social and healthy lifestyle

Fairfield City Council supports the WSCN by providing the clubhouse and bicycle recycling facility. The shared goals of the WSCN and Council are health promotion, waste reduction and sustainable transport.

How to find us & opening times 
Recycling Center 

Fairfield City Showground, 443 Smithfield Road, PRAIRIEWOOD  (best entrance off Moonlight Rd)
- First Sunday of the month 9:00am to 12 noon 
- Wednesday 9:00am to 1:00pm
- phone 0418 954 682

The Club 
The Western Sydney Cycling Network was established with the support of Fairfield City Council in September 2006. WSCN is run by volunteers who, with the council's ongoing assistance, strive to maintain the original goals

- Community cycle rides on the local cycleway network
- Management of a bicycle loan system
- Management of a bicycle donation and repair/maintenance scheme
- Promotion of local cycleway routes and recreational opportunities

As well as promoting bikes and cycling in the local area, Western Sydney Cycling Network supports the wider cycling community by providing large numbers of volunteers at Bicycle NSW events such Gear Up Girl and Spring Cycle.

Some Western Sydney Cycling Network members have been trained and accredited by Bicycle NSW as Ride Leaders. They have also completed their First Aid Certificate thus allowing the planning, leading of safe and controlled community rides.

Some WSCN members are also accredited Cycle Skills coaches through Cycling Australia.


Skills Training

WSCN coaches have been involved in the Community First Step - Ride for Life - A Youth Initiative program in partnership with Fairfield City Council. This involved coaching, training and providing bikes and helmets to participants.

Western Sydney Cycling Network have provided cycle skills training in partnership with Sydney South Area Health Service (SSWAHS) as part of their "Learn to Ride" and "Back on Your Bike" health initiative programs.

WSCN members have also, in partnership with SSWAHS, conducted bicycle excursion rides for a number of local high schools and other community groups.

Primary Schools' Training
WSCN members have provided basic cycle skills training to NSW Primary Schools over a number of years through a number of programs.

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